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Choose and customise your Airfull inflatable according to your needs

  • There is a wide range of pre-designed products, although all of them can be customised to suit the corporate form, colours, theme and logo.
  • All inflatables are manufactured with 0.55mm thick Tarpaulin PVC, with fireproof certificate following European directives.
  • The double seams and the reinforcements in the areas that suffer the most guarantee the perfect durability of the product. For aquatic inflatables a thickness of between 0.80mm and 1mm is used, and PVC and TPU for water balls.
Airfull Bouncy Castles


Seams on inflatables are the most important elements. The material, in addition to having the appropriate thickness (in this case 0.55mm), must be attached in such a way that it holds the weight and movement required by its use.
Reinforcement of the areas where the inflatable suffers the most. That is why our products use double seams to ensure a long-lasting resistance. The thread used for this is the most resistant on the market.

Airfull inflatables Seams CLICK TO PICTURE

Reinforcement of the most important areas

All inflatables have areas that require strengthening their resistance. We reinforce these areas to extend the life of your inflatable.
You can use your inflatable castle 7 days a week, seams will resist it perfectly.

Airfull inflatable reinforcement areas CLICK TO PICTURE

Double sleeve

The correct placement of the fan is very important if we want the event to be safe and professional. We include 2 sleeves in most inflatables so as to be able choose the place where it will be installed.

Airfull inflatables double sleeve
Airfull Inflatables moorings CLICK TO PICTURE


All our inflatable products include moorings to fix the product. They withstand winds of up to 38 km/h, which is the maximum recommended force for maximum user safety.

Airfull Inflatables zippers CLICK TO PICTURE


Zippers are important to enable the air to get out when picking it up. In order to be able to roll it up so that it fits inside your bag, therefore occupying as little space as possible, it is important to take most of the air out.

Airfull inflatable double sleeve


Each inflatable comes with its fan/fans needed for its use. They have a locking system on the air outlet in the opposite direction so that in the event of a power cut, the inflatable will not deflate suddenly, allowing the children to be evicted safely.

Airfull bouncy castles details CLICK TO PICTURE
Airfull bouncy castles details CLICK TO PICTURE
Airfull bouncy castles details CLICK TO PICTURE
Airfull bouncy castles details CLICK TO PICTURE


We deliver your product with everything you need for its operation. You do not need to buy additional accessories. This includes:

  • Fastening straps, to prevent them from opening once rolled up.
  • A transport bag, to avoid punctures and wear during transport and handling.
  • A repair kit. An accidental or malicious prick can endanger your work. We include a repair kit with materials of the same colour as your inflatable, to prevent a simple puncture or scratch from interrupting your events.
  • Ground fixing pegs -> Optional.
Zipper Airfull protection CLICK TO PICTURE

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